Fit for your small businessFit for your small business

Process payments and transactions with ease, keep track of order fulfillment

All-in-one cloud POSAll-in-one cloud POS

FAST POS has all of the tools, features and functions your small business needs

Access data from anywhereAccess data from anywhere

check your sales data from your desktop or mobile device



 FASTPOS is a Stock Management & Point of Sale application. It helps you take care of most time consuming, repeated tireless works of your business and lets you instead focus on what

The complete cloud POS system for any Small Business

Order Management

Keep a close eye on all active and closed orders in real-time, ensuring it is fulfilled quickly and with complete accuracy. Customize each order according to type and add notes as needed.


Get alerts whenever you are running low on items in your inventory and always order replenishments in time. You will never run out of your most popular and profitable items.

Customer Management

Store customer information in real-time as you ring them up, load it back up in seconds to provide proper service


Grants quick and easy access to all of your vital business data which is hosted, synced and loaded all in real time during business operations. Quick and easy referencing when you need to make a decision.

Auto Backup

Send Bill on Whatsapp

Cheque Printing

Import Data From Excel

Multiple Business/Shops

Multiple Users

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